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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October 22nd 2008: Report from RPDG Group - First Phase of Project 2

Recovery Project for Persons with Disabilities and their family

With your donations, we were able to support RPDG group with nargis recovery project.

RPDG group was able to accomplish the first phase of the following recovery projects for persons with disabilities (PWD) and their families within Yangon Division. The total cost for the first phase of the project was $5685.

- Reconstruction of 15 houses in Dhala Township, Shwe-Pyi-Tha Township, Hlaing-Tha-Yar Township, North-East Dagon Township, South Dagon Township, Hlaing-Tha-Yar Township, and Insein Township.

- Repairing of 15 shops in Shwe-Pyi-Tha Township, North-East Dagon Township, South Dagon Township, Hlaing-Tha-Yar Township and Thin-Gan-Gyune Township

- Providing Capital Funds of 50000kyats each for a total of 7 shops in the community

- Providing additional fund of 20000kyats each to ran the shops for a total for 20 shops in the community.

Outcomes of Beneficiaries:
- 15 damaged houses have been reconstructed. As a result, the PWD families are recovering from living difficulty.

- 15 damaged shops have been rebuilt. As a result, PWD families will be able to operate their business smoothly whereas the others have owned stable place for their earning.

- For those who received supported fund (27 small businesses) are able to operate their business and generate regular income continuously to support for their families.

- Our main conceptual goal, the independent living of disabled people will be completed by supporting upon our peers’ jobs.

Other outcome
- Promoted the public awareness on disabled people in the community through our group effort as well as our achievements by means of this implementation.

- By implementing our rehabilitation activity we also discovered the more disabled people in the community so that we get realistic information about our disabled peers. These will be useful for coming disability survey and networking movements.

- Those persons with disabilities will able to get more opportunities for their various movements, trainings and rehabilitation.

- Our RPDG camera was out of function on 19.8.08 when it dropped to the flooded street because of heavy rain. Although we tried to repair it immediately by taking extra strength and time on 20.8.08, its function could not become into its original stages. It is so critical for us to take pictures for our record and also for the report.

- During our implementing process, we faced some complex situation, i.e., we had to take adjustment with regional authority in order for us to accomplish our tasks at Dhala and South Dagon Township.

- Our trained volunteers were not able to take part in the whole project. However we were able to accomplish with other volunteers with their best input to complete the project.

- We had a great support from skilled carpenters volunteering with our project to build four houses and eight shops.

Thank you for your continued support.

Please click here for more photos.

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