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Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Moegyo team field trips in Myanmar

In 2012, Moegyo team made visits to the following orphanages and schools that we are giving on-going support with your contributions since the end of 2008.

Mya Theingi Nunnery
Pyinnyar Waddy Nunnery
Kani Orphanage
Pay Gyaung Orphanage
Mingalar Orphanage

January 2012, Mya Theingi Nunnery, Mingalardon, Yangon

Moegyo team visited Mya Theingi Nunnery in Mingalardon Township in Yangon, learned the conditions of the children and progress of the nunnery and donated 105,000 Kyats on top of the monthly support. Please see the photos here.

December 2012, Pyinnyar Waddy Nunnery, Kyite Latt, Ayeyarwaddy

Moegyo team visited Pyinnyar Waddy Nunnery in Kyite Latt. We learned that the living condition of the girls was improved by the new buildings and the girls were making good progress in school. Two of the girls are going to college and one is in the last year of high school. Four older girls are earning money from sewing business that help support them with tuition fees. On top of the monthly donation, we donated 60 dozen exercise books, pens, pencils and snacks for the girls. We also donated an automatic pattern making machine and sewing supplies to enhance their self sustaining sewing business. Please see the photos here.

December 2012, Pay Gyaung Parahita, Pay Gyaung village, Kyite Latt, Ayeyarwaddy

Moegyo team took a two-hour boat ride from Kyite Latt to visit the "Zawtika" school in Pay Gyaung village since no road goes to this place. We saw that the children were having brunch with only one soupy dish made of bean and vegetable. Since this place is hard to reach, only a few donors come by in a year and that they typically have only two meals a day. Our monthly donation alone could only go as far as providing them with rice and beans. On top of the monthly donation, we donated 30 dozen exercise books, pens and snacks for the children. We also arranged to send them one more pair of clothing since we learned that they have only one pair. Please see the photos here.

December 2012, Mya Theingi Nunnery, Mingalardon, Yangon

Moegyo team visited Mya Theingi Nunnery in the outskirts of Yangon, saw that more students enrolled as the condition of the classrooms improved and more teachers were made available. On top of the monthly donation, we donated 60 dozen exercise books for the children. Please see the photos here.

December 2012, Kani Parahita, Kani village, Pyapon, Ayeyarwaddy

Moegyo team took a bumpy ride on some flood damaged roads to visit Kani Parahita in Pyapon in December 2012. On the way, we saw heavy rain damaged paddy fields and overflowed fish farms. We reached the orphanage by lunch time and saw the children about to have lunch.  After lunch time, we were delighted to meet all the college students that we've been supporting with scholarships. When we saw 3 rows of college students, 1st to 3rd year, we realized then that the years fly by so fast. We've been supporting them for four years since their last year of high school and the ones in the first row are to be in their final year of college. They went on to show us around in the compound of a building being constructed by German donors, a newly built building stocked with a computer room also by the same donors, and nearby high school that needs new building due to flood and heavy rain damage. We then donated monthly donations, scholarship money for last year high school students and college students and 60 dozen exercise books for all the students. Please see the photos here.

December 2012, Mingalar Orphanage, Phayagyi village, Twentay Township

Moegyo team visited Mingalar orphanage and saw the condition of the school and the children and donated 30 dozen exercise books on top of the monthly donations. Please see the photos here.


We want to thank our donors for continued support and opportunity for us to help shape the lives of those children for the better. We also want to thank those who are in the field taking part in this great cause. There are many children who need our support and care. Together, we can make a difference in many young lives.

Moegyo made donation to help earthquake victims from Shwebo, Myanmar

The Moegyo team sent donation to assist and to help Shwebo earthquake victims through Myanmar Social Development Network in Yangon, Myanmar.

The magnitude of 6.8 earthquake hit near the northeast of Shwebo, Myanmar on 11 November 2012.  Damage was reported from Shwebo, Mogok and Mandalay.  From the local Myanmar news agencies, many buildings, including monasteries, pagodas, a hospital, and a school collapsed in neighbouring towns and villages from Shwebo.  The Radana Thinga Bridge, which was still under construction, fell into the Irrawaddy River, and several workers went missing.

The Myanmar Social Development Network launched the relief effort to provide basic needs to the the families from effected area in Shwebo area.  Their team also coordinated with other local teams to provide necessary assistance to the earthquake victims in other effected locations near Mandalay.   

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Moegyo Humanitarian Foundation's 3rd Annual Lawn Concert Fund Raiser, Herndon, Virginia

Saturday, August 4th 2012 was a happy day. On that summer day, Moegyo Humanitarian Foundation held the 3rd Annual Lawn Concert in Herndon, Virginia, to raise funds to support 5 orphanages and Moegyo 1 Primary School in Shan State.

There was live music by a local band and the guests enjoyed a dinner buffet complete with many authentic Burmese Cuisines, desserts and drinks. Local vendors displayed their goods for sale, and a silent auction featuring unique gifts and accessories. The event was possible with the help of supporters and volunteers who turned out to give a hand to those children in need in Myanmar. 100% proceeds from the event went towards the orphans in Myanmar.

2012 Moegyo Humanitarian Foundation's 3rd Annual Lawn Concert Fund Raiser in Virginia

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Water Project in Panthapyay Palaung village, Northern Shan State

Panthapyay village has population of over 500 people in 98 households with about 200 children. Moegyo (1) Primary School opened with a permanent building consisting of 3 classrooms, a teachers living quarter, toilets and a bathroom, a concrete rain water storage tank and a generator in June 2011 school year. Attendance at the school opening was about 160 students from Panthapyay village and neighboring villages. The school is run and maintained by a headmaster, four teachers and a staff member.

Clean water is necessary for health and sanitary reasons for the school and the village since water is typically obtained from far reached area at the foot of the mountain. Moegyo volunteers surveyed the area for possible water source and planned out the water project in November 2011. A natural spring water source is located at about one and a half miles away at the East of Panthapyay village. It was determined that running pipelines from the water source would be beneficial for the health and development of the school and the whole village. Fortunately, we found an individual donor for the cost of the water project. with the donated money from a Burmese family in Connecticut, Moegyo volunteers provided logistics and know-how to execute the water project and were able to provide constantly running clean water to the whole village on March 24, 2012. The school is now, has excess to running fresh water, the villagers now don't have to go miles away down to the foot of the mountain to fetch water. The water is right at the gate of their village, now they not only can wash themselves as many times as the want and their overall hygienic condition has improved tremendously.

In June 2012, Moegyo volunteers witnessed that the impact of the water project was immense; resulting in the prevention of a highly contagious  disease (cholera) spreading to the village. An outbreak of Cholera  in a Palaung village name "Phan Woe Laing", 10 miles Northeast of Phanthapyay where Moegyo (1) Primary school is located. The death toll from Cholera in the Pan Woe Laing village was over a hundred including the abbot of the monastery. The disease spread to nearby villages with many death, Phan Tha Pyay village was the least effected due mainly to the access of fresh water in the village, and thanks to Moegyo and the donor of funds for the project. Imagine if the disease spread to the village where the school is located, how it would effect the children attending the school. The news of the outbreak of cholera was heard in Yangon and it was in the newspaper, a medical team of nurses and doctors were sent to this region, and Moegyo primary school was used for the medical team to station. It was convenient for them because the school is equipped with bathroom and clean toilet facility. Before the arrival of the medical team, a hospital in the Shan village of Mongyaw 10 miles away was full of sick people, some of them had to be transported to the Provincial town of Lashio where there is a big hospital, some of them died on the way before reaching Lashio. The disease was brought under control by the end of July 2012. As volunteers of Moegyo, we all take pride in what we are doing in the Palaung village educating the children and helping to improve the villagers' health.

Please see the photos here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moegyo 5th Annual Burmese Food Fair

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

12:00 noon to 4:00 pm

at NEW location!!

Long Island City
Aviation High School

 45-30 36th Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
Event entrance is on 35th Street
Corner of Queens Blvd and 35th Street

By Train: 7 train to 33rd St / Rawson St Station on Queens Blvd.
By Car: 35th Street between Queens Blvd (East Bound) and 47th Avenue

Please Click here to see Moegyo 5th Annual Burmese Food Fair Menu.
Click here to see the video of 4th Annual Burmese Food Fair last year.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Follow-up post about Earthquake victims in Shan State

On 30 March, the local authorities in Tarlay have estimated that 702 houses were damaged. The Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS) reports that 3,152 people are homeless. Initial findings of a rapid assessment indicate that at least 18,000 people residing in 90 villages are affected by the earthquake.
Most of those villages are located in Tarlay and Mong Lin.
The local authorities have reviewed the situation and identified immediate needs in water, including the restoration of access to safe water and shelter.

On April 1, 2011, Moegyo Humanitarian Foundation posted this call for help for the earthquake victims in Shan State.

On 16 June 2011, Moegyo Humanitarian Foundation provided other remaining needs to the victims in the effective areas including (2) Churches, (2) Monasteries and (22) families who badly needed help.

Please see the photos of Moegyo volunteers donating money and supplies to the earthquake victims in Moegyo Gallery.

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