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Thursday, July 30, 2015

2015 July 23 visits to Kani and Pyinnyar Waddy

We visited Kani Orphanage at the Kani Village which is about a 30 min boat ride from Pyapon in the Ayeyarwady Division which is a 3-4 hour drive away from Yangon in south western Myanmar. We also visited Pyinnyar Waddy Orphange in Kyite Latt on the way back. Moegyo (MHF) has been providing monthly support to both orphanages since the Cyclone Nargis in 2008.

Kani Orphanage:

As soon as we reached Pyapon, heavy rain started and continued throughout our boat ride and throughout the most of the day. On the small boat, under the heavy rain, I thought about the cyclone that passed through this area 8 years ago, which took many lives and left many orphans. We passed by villages with small huts, which stood in the water. 

Kani Orphanage, 23 July 2015
When we reached Kani, the members of the board that run the orphanage and the teachers there, warmly welcomed us and showed us around, particularly the high school, that just opened this year, which MHF provided support. Before this, children had to walk 2-3 hours round trip daily to a nearby village to attend high school. We also met 16 students who just passed high school this year. All said they would like to continue the studies at colleges.  College tuition (distant learning) is around $120-$150 per year for each student and required for 4 years to graduate.

Teachers and the board repeatedly expressed their gratitude to the donors and volunteers at MHF for the support for the construction of the high school and for the tuition of the high school students. They proudly explained the growing record of high school graduates. Kani has more than 500 students, of which about 160 are under the care of Parahita (the orphanage). Currently, there are 24 college students receiving scholarship from MHF.

Pyinnyar Waddy Orphanage:

Pyinnyar Waddy nunnery, Kyite Latt, 2015 July 23On the way back, we visited the girls orphanage at Kyite Latt, which is a two hour drive from Pyapon. As soon as we entered the compound, we saw big posters of 3 high school graduates, hung outside the orphanage. We met little ones from the age as young as 3-4.  Everyone was happy and proud for the graduates, who are now the models for the little ones. The passing record is 100%. We also met one college graduate who returned to the nunnery to take care of the children.  Our heart was with these girls since one of the MHF volunteers reported the condition of this nunnery 7 years ago. Monthly support from MHF has relieved some expenses on daily meals and tuition. The nunnery is now hosting 35 girls. We asked what they needed and were told they needed clothes for the little ones and the little ones also asked for toys.

We brought workbooks, pens, pencils, soccer balls, snacks, magazines and journals, and some used clothes for the children and also handed the award from MHF to high school graduates in both orphanages. It was a mixed feeling we felt: sad for the children in the unfortunate circumstances and happy for their hopeful faces. 

We want to thank the donors and volunteers of MHF for the continued support and for making a difference in the lives of the children.

Photos of the trip:
Kani Orphanage:
Pyinnyar Waddy Nunnery at Kyite Latt:

MHF first reports on orphanages (how MHF found the orphanages):
Pyinnyar Waddy Nunnery at Kyite Latt:  

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