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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 1st 2008: Monthly contributions at Ka-ni Village Orphanage

In September, we reported about the Ka-ni village orphanage and our first donations at the orphanage. Ka-ni orphanage hosts 93 children and provides primary and secondary education to children right at the orphanage. High school, however, is an hour walk from the orphanage. We have learnt about the orphanage, and we are touched by the orphanage’s great interest and care for their children education. We would like to help the orphanage at least ease some of their financial burden for their great cause.

Fortunately, with your support, we were able to start our $100 monthly donation at Kani orphanage last month and we are happy to share with you that our monthly contribution was just in time for 5 months educational support (Nov 2008 – Mar 2009) for 10th graders. Below is the report from our volunteer, KK from the field.

Trip to Ka-ni village

Working together with Moegyo (MHF) for Kani Village donation trip, I have been on the adventurous journey to delta area that I’ve never dreamt of before. I’ve done good deeds and learnt the lives of people after Nargis. Being witnessed the disaster victims, I found out how difficult their lives were. I also admire their strength during and after disaster. Along our visit to Kani village, I saw many Nargis survival children. Kani village orphanage gives them accommodation, food and education as they arrived there. Even though I can’t help them with all aspects of their livelihood, I want to help them get good education as I believe that education is their best foundation to acquire knowledge and get ahead in life.

On my last trip to Kani Village orphanage, one of the things I found out from the orphanage that they wanted to hire teachers and guides for 10th graders for this school year. I told them not to worry about the 10th standard students. I would help them out as much as I could. After that I was thinking about my words and worried that if I could keep my promise if what they need is so much more than I alone can afford.

Monthly contributions

Soon afterwards, I was delighted to find out that MHF was planning on sending more contributions to the orphanage. As soon as I heard that news, I phoned to Kani and informed them that we’re now going to help the 10th grade students. When they heard that news, they were very happy as their burden was relieved. They said again and again that they are very thankful for our help.

Three teachers were assigned, Math, Physic and chemistry teachers cost 30,000 each per month (~$30) and the study-guide costs 60,000 per month (~$60) who helps and guides them with all subjects. All the tuition fees are covered by MHF. When I asked them what is still needed for the students, they were hesitated to tell me. At last, they said they could use 10th grade old question books. That part came to me and I donated those and some exam outline books. Now the 10th grade students in Kani are studying with teachers and practicing their lessons for this school year until March 2009 when the final exams come.

There are many children who need our support and care. We want to thank those who are in the field helping and shaping the lives of those children for the better. We want to thank our donors for the continued support and opportunity for us to take part in this great cause. Together, we can make a difference in many young lives.

Please click here for Ka-ni Orphanage photos.

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