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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Visit to Pyinnyar Waddy Girls Orphanage in Kyite Latt

On July 19th, 2010, one of Moegyo members visited Pyinnyar Waddy Girls Orphanage. Below is the member report from the field.

It was a very satisfying trip for me. We had a chance to go visit to Pyinnyar Waddy Orphanage at kyite-latt. Thanks for KK to go with me and thanks for my cousin Tin Htun Aung and my friend May Thwe Win for making the trip possible. We left from Yangon around 7:00am on July 19. Since it was the raining season, the road was so rough. Not bad that we arrived there around 11:30pm. As soon as we got there, all the children were expecting us. They said they were waiting since early in the morning. They came out from the school and warmly welcomed us, seemed like the children were so excited. I was so glad to see them and talk with everyone.

During our visit, we provided breakfast and dinner to the kids, since lunch was already donated by someone else. We also provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next day, July 20 as well. We also provided school supplies for the kids such as Exercise books, pens, pencils, rulers, erasers for the whole year and some snacks, silly bands, shampoo, conditioner, journals, newspaper, some clothes and so on. We donated the school uniform and slippers to the kids who do not have them. we also donated some money to the head nun and guardian. All total donation was around $400. And then we had lunch at the orphanage. After having lunch, we walked around inside the school compound and took lots of photos and checked out what they really need and how we could help them. After that we spoke with the head nun and the guardian. Then we said goodbye to the kids and left around 2:00pm. We got back to Yangon at 6:30pm.

Thanks again to KK. I really appreciated your help there. 

Please click here to see the photos.

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