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Monday, November 8, 2010

Myitta Kyaemon Care Center

Moegyo donated $500 for rice distribution at Myittar Kyay Mon center, a Day-care center for people living with HIV/AIDS ( PLHA ), located in Kyaik Khami in Mon State. It is managed by nuns from a Christian Catholic Church. The center currently needs rice to be distributed to the PLHA Families in the village as well as to feed the patients at their daycare center. The rice is needed until the end of this year as they are seeking funding from an NGO and are quite hopeful that they will get it for next year. Below is the center info.

Name of Center : Myitta Kyaemon (Mirror of Charity)
Location : Than Phyu Zayet Township, Mon State
Client population : People living in HIV/AIDS ( PLHA )
Services provided : Day Care, Health care & Rice distribution to patients
Number of patients at center : 25 ( 10 children & 15 Adults )
Number of PLHA families supported by center : 50 Families ( 178 people )
CURRENT NEED : Rice for PLHA Families and at the center
RICE NEEDED per month : 37 Bags ( 56 Tinn )
COST per month : 5 Lakhs
TOTAL COST till end of December : 20 lakhs ( Sep - Dec )

Please click on this link to see the photos.

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