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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Computers donation and knowledge sharing at schools in Hinthada

On July 6th 2018, for the 10th year anniversary of Moegyo Humanitarian Foundation (MHF), we collaborated with volunteers from the “Noodle for Knowledge Project” and travelled to Hinthada in the Irrawaddy Division, an approximately 5 hour drive from Yangon, Myanmar, to take part in a grand ceremony organized by one of the four schools in the town that had received a computer. “Noodle for Knowledge Project” helped raised funds for donation of five computers.
Having received their first computer, the school was immensely grateful and the appreciation and excitement from the children and community were overwhelming as gratitude was expressed through dance performances by the children and speeches by the officials from the town.   While the initial segment of the event was the official ceremony for the reception of the computers, the following was our Moegyo Youth presentation to the children.  

Report from Moegyo Youth: 
In our presentation, we shared our personal experience with computers and the significant role technology had maintained in our education. Additionally, we addressed the available tools and applications the children now had access to, and their promise to an easier approach to learning. The kids stirred with excitement at the animated GIFs and transitions in the presentation, and were delighted to see the myriad of games stored in the computer as they crowded around the screen and rushed to raise their hands to take part. As we concluded our presentation, we distributed notebooks and pencils to allow the children to write down their questions, what they would like to further learn about the computers and how they would use them in the future.   It was a fulfilling experience to share our knowledge and share the excitement of children for receiving their first computer.

Thank you to the volunteers and donors of the “Noodle for Knowledge Project”, and this opportunity for the MHF youth program.

Photos of the trip: 

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