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Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 17th 2008: Report from the field - Group1 MSNA (Bogalay)

Report from Group 1B: Operation Nargis

The group arrived back in Yangon around 2 in the early this morning.

The trip to Bogalay was one of the best trips we have ever made these days, I would say it was pretty risky but it was worth the effort. We have made to Kyein Chaung Gyi village tract, a comparable distance to Main-ma-hla Kyun, 6-hours drive by boat from Bogalay, despite severe weather condition (i.e. 45-50 mph wind condition with heavy rain - weather forecasted by Myanma Weather Station) and we have covered several villages in the area.

Thanks for all the concern. The trip was a successful one!

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