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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 4th 2008: Report form the field - Assessment from Thanlyin-Kyaut Tan area

May 31st trip

- After checking emails, headed toward Thanlyin-Kyaut Tan for a quick tour

-Left Yangon quite late and had to catch the flight in the evening.

- So, decided to drive through the main road, where saw some cars from Save the Children went into off-main road.

- At one monastery (badly damaged), saw some people/crowd and decided to stop-over and check.

-There were about 150 Nyaung Wine villagers (Kyaut Tan township) and some donors distributing food and clothes.

-Asked villagers of their needs and as usual they replied that they are quite OK in terms of food, clothes and shelter(I doubt though), but they want someone to assist rebuilding of their neighbors' houses (about 4 of them). That truly shows the selfless nature of our people.

- Each house will cost about 100,000 kyats.

- Kyaut Tan-Ye Le Pagoda area was pretty quiet with only a few visitors. Some people there said the monasteries need donations.

- Due to time-pressure, had to head back to Yangon. Wish had more time to visit the villages.

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