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Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 2: MHF commemoration of one year anniversary of the Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar

1 May 2009. It was cold and breezy May evening in New York. At 9pm, we started loading our cars for a trip to Maryland. We were all silence during the trip. Our thoughts were with the families who lost their loved ones and their sufferings in the worst natural disaster in the history of Myanmar (Burma) one year ago. When Cyclone Nargis landed on 2 May 2008, more than 100,000 people lost their lives and thousands of children became orphans. To this day, tens of thousand of people are still displaced. Their lives and livelihoods have not returned to normal if it ever could.

Friends and volunteers of Moegyo from New York and Virginia organized a commemoration of one year anniversary of the Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar at Aung Yadana Monastery (Maryland, USA) on 3 May 2009. We offered traditional Burmese food, Mont-Hin-Gar (rice noodle with fish soup), Burmese Sweet Tea, Grass Jelly with lime drinks and Banana Cake to the monks and to the guests at the monastery. Many donors brought various dishes including dan-pauk (Chicken Bariani) and pan friend noodles to share with others.

The event was held outside underneath the tents in the monastery compound. It rained all day and we were all wet, cold and muddy but we told ourselves that this was nothing compared to what had happened in 2 May 2008. We were well prepared for the rain: we had our rain coats, a tent already set, and hot tea and hot food being served. It was a solemn reminder of what it would be like living under the rain, in the worst living condition, without a roof or a cover and no food. As we made sure our children were properly dressed for the rain, we thought of those parents who had experienced a parent’s worst nightmare of not being able to help their own children and the children who were left alone to survive with no one to care for them. It reminded us that we have to work harder to make a difference for the victims.

It has been a year since Cyclone Nargis but many are still in desperate need and many homes, schools, and orphanages were still waiting to be fixed. We realized we need to be strong and united. Everyone will need to step up and do what it can to contribute. Moegyo is now focusing its work on helping the orphans. With the support of our donors, friends and families, we have committed $1,100 a month donation to 4 orphanage programs in Myanar:

  1. Mingalar Orphanage at Phayargyi Village, Twuntay
  2. Popa Orphanage at Mount Popa
  3. Kani Orphanage at Kani Village near Phyar Pon
  4. Pyinnyar Waddy Orphanage at Kyite-latt

We were inspired by many friends and volunteers for their continued support and commitment. We received a total of $3,000 US dollars to support the orphanages in Myanmar from the guests at the commemorating event in Maryland.

Thank you for the generosity! Together, we can make a difference.

Please click here to see the photos of the event.

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