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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Summer Lawn Concert to raise funds for girls orphanage

A Summer Lawn Concert raising funds to rebuild sleeping quarter for Girls Orphanage located in Kyite Latt (Irrawady Delta Region, Myanmar (Burma)). The sleeping quarter was destroyed by Cyclone Nargis in May 2008.

Music: Doug and Melanie: Friends without Benefits (starts at 5PM)
Food: Various Burmese Cuisine
Drinks: Sodas/Alcoholic Beverages
Cost: $20.00/per ticket (kids under 12 free)

How we are going to use the funds raised from this event
We plan to rebuild the girls’ sleeping quarter in the orphanage in Kyite Latt as it is in unlivable condition. It is a two-storey wooden structure that was damaged during the cyclone Nargis last year. Moegyo was able to bring an engineer crew on second visit to school to make assessment and to do estimate on rebuilding cost. It was estimated that rebuilding would cost around $10,000 using brick and concrete foundation to and wooden structure at the top. We are now raising money for rebuilding the girls’ sleeping quarter.

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