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Friday, May 9, 2008

Dos and Don'ts for future travellers

- take spare-tires as the roads were full of debris in some areas
- must take rubber boots as the mud can reach knee high in remote villages

- There were some normal checkpoints (asked questions: where to go? driver's name?) One must avoid any argument with the authorities at the checkpoints as it might just delay achieving your main objectives.

- Do NOT drop the goods from the car. It is extremely dangerous for the kids as they run after the goods. The roads are very narrow.

- Do NOT give the water purification tablets (WPT) to individuals/villagers without giving proper instruction. If WPT are not used properly, they can be harmful. It is most useful in the hospitals or in large camps. It will be safer not to distribute to individual villagers.

- These small boats can not carry heavy load. One of our ODG boat sank. No one was hurt but it is good idea to wear life jackets during these trips.

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