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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Some thoughts on the immediate and long-term plans

Dear all,

I'm so glad that you've got the updates regularly through PT, so nothing much more to add on that. We've received the funds in our account and thanks for your generosity indeed. It will make our activities easier/faster and we will be fully accountable for every cents.

Immediate plan

  • Get more food and supplies in YGN
  • Distribute all goods and supplies (to places as far as I can go, Shwepyithar, South Dagon are the best bets at this point based on the information received. Need to be realistic here even though I wanted to go as far as to Bogalay)
  • Assess the situations (the scope of the assessment cannot be predetermined) - Report back to you

Long-term plan

  • If possible, to find ways of getting the rice, food, and medical supplies at reasonable prices and reachable places
  • Secured more Water Purification Tablets and other medicine from the suppliers and distribute as needed
  • Hope to get a regular contact person(s)/point(s) in YGN to coordinate donation efforts - Continue with brainstorming and bring more ideas and future plans I think we're on the right track now in terms of getting the right supplies based on some reports. Next is to execute properly in every steps, both short and long-terms. Hope that other people can join us, guide us, support us, and/or lead us all the way...

I guess that's for now.


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