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Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 15th: Supplies bought

-Shipment of supplies went out today. The airline took all our goods (150+ kgs) without charging any excess fees. Poor airline is loosing so much money but helping others.

The list of supplies for today's shipment
-Tylenol 2000 tablets
-ORS 380 paks
-Imodium 1 box
-Milk powder 14 bags 1200 gr.
-Milk Powder 23 bags 700 gr.
-Ovatine, milo 48 bags (960 individual pak of 3 in 1)
-Detergent 84 paks

Yesterday's detailed list:
- Clotrimazole skin cream 400 pcs
- Foot Powder 300 pcs
- Most likely we are going to put them in individual bags and donate to each one. This way is alot easier when you are surrounded by hundreds of ppl.


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