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Friday, May 16, 2008

May 15th: Report on Myanmar

Information shared by one of the fellow groups:

Just to share the current situation from the group from our side.

From the visit to Kun Kyan Gone and after talking with some of the survivals, the following facts are learnt:

1. Rice trucks are banned on Yangon-Pathein Road at this moment.
2. Aids reach to Kun Kyan Gone township but not around the villages where transportation are difficult (half an hour on boat), where badly cyclone hitted areas.
3. The group goes today with car loaded with foods and water bottle for two target villages around Kun Kyan Gone Township. (5 L equivalent in kind stuffs).
4. Stuffs for distribution are instant noodles, Custom/Super Kwekar, water putirification bottles and candles. At the moment, instant noodle cost in Yangon is 200 kyats per pack, 800 kays for a pack of candle and 3200 kyats for one big pack of kweykar-out (30 small packs included). Prices can be changed subject to the situation and commodities prices.
5. Continues to tighten access to Ayeyarwady Division and other regions impacted by the cyclone.
6. Local authorities pay much more attention to distribuition whith crowd people and ask some queries which could leads to limit our access to those areas.
7. Distribution with large amount of food tons cannot make at one time. That means donor/group has to go there several times with minimum level of food tons.
8. What the group plan to do currently is one the village elders will wait them in Kun Kyan Gone and take them to those villages.
9. They will put the stuffs one of the house or monastery and call young lead people/senior sayardaw who has power from the village and let them to contribute the stuffs and the group will monitor and manage behind it. That leads to direct distribution and quiet.
10. Facts –one of the bridges near Bogalay is very badly damaged. The load of the truck or cars is very limited.

Let's wait and see what the group will tell when they come back.

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