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Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5th: What do we need?

I am pretty sure water supplies and rivers are already contaminated. But according to my friend here, her mom lives in Mayangone Tsp and they are pumping water up thru Ah-we-si -twin (undersground Well? ) and giving away to the neighbors and friends. I think most people have that water pump system but without electricity they can't pump the water up. Definately water purification tablets will be very useful.

I spoke to some friends and their suggestion is to buy food (rice, beans etc) from near by town of Ygn and transport it into the city. If we can find a restaurant to help us with the dirtribution of food etc. to the needy areas will be great.

Medicine and water tables etc might not be avilable there so we might have to buy it here.

Will email you soon.


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