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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6th: Be safe

Thank you to all.

I think we must get more water purification tablets though. There may be more people than we expected and even now the death toll is still rising.

May I also suggest to get latex gloves and surgery masks for the group overthere already helping hands and some kind of sanitation materials. I am sure they may have shortage in supplies. The air must be polluted overthere with foul smells of so many dead bodies.

Water, Dry Food Packages and Sanitation materials are a must now. What we can do from our end is to gather fund to support and distributed properly with coordination from PT and NL. You guys must be strong in health and all area as well at the front line. BE Cautious as well!!!

SS, I got about $500 as well and will give it to you once I have gathered them all. Lets keep reaching out.


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