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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7th: Restaurant contact for food packaging

Please see attached letter for the manager who is running the restaurant to get a deal.

I hope the letterwill help to get better deal. They have experience and resources to supply large amount of meals. You can use it if your plan includes providing foodpackage or large order for many people. It is not necessary to deal only tothat restaurant, if you find better way or better deal elsewhere just goahead. It is all up to you.

I have no objection about water purification tablets carried by the pilot. How about the first batch going with NL. Any problem with customs?

I could make contact with one of my relatives in the city. Most telephonesare not working and will not be working for at least next few weeks.According to them, almost all large trees and telephone/light poles fromcity to Mingaladon fell. Cars line up for two miles to get two gallons ofgas. Only a few buses are running and it cost 1500 kyats to come from ThinGan Gyun to the city.Thank you.


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