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Monday, May 12, 2008

May 11th 2008 Situation report from BKK

- Alot of people are having salt burn from the sea water and the exposure to sun so we would like to send some skin soothing creams. One doctor suggested anti-histamine or strong one anti-pluritic. We are also considering some other medicine for disesase prevention/control medicines. We will contact our local dealer to give us in large quantity. Will let you know soon.

The temporary sherters are availalble in monestries and some camp sites but most people would like to rebuild their houses. As you know, moonsoon/rainy season is already on the way and if they keep on living in these tents the spread diseases are bound to happen. Also I dont think these temp shelters can support for long period. I think we should consider their appeal for Nails and some hardwares.

-We've got some pictures from the field already and we are working to upload into our picture gallery very soon. I know alot of donors would like to see the pictures of our action and I can definately understand that given the news from Myanmar. But with limited accessibility to camera , telephone, computer and internet access it is proof to be difficult for our volenteer to send back the info right away.This is our primary concern as well and we will try our best to get the pictures and reports. In the meantime, please know that every item is recorded and not one item will be wasted and every person we gave to send their Metta.

- I will be buying more Milk Powder today as young and old can eat that with rice.
Our arranged monestreis will be cooking rice with Milk powder, they called it "Milky Rice" and they enjoyed it very much. Should we include Mama noodles too? I can arrange to buy it in Myanmar.

- Our next shipment target is this Tuesday or Wenesday.

- The latest news from Yangon is most of the phones (line phone) are working now.



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