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Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9th 2008: Situation in Myanmar

- There are 9 helicoptors flying back and forth to the affected region everyday and we know one of the pilot. He can take Water Tablets but not rice to the region. We will give our water purification tablets to him today. As time is crucial we may not have exact name or group who got our tablets. We will know the region and receiver.

- The 60 litre per tablets are more useful than the 1 litre tablets. Spoke to Thai Military supplier and he said they can can give us more if we need the tablets.

- At the moment it is hard to reach delta region without getting the help from big orgs or gov agency. They are the only one with mobility. We will make our best judgement.

- All the ferry going to the delta region is fully armed guarded as ppl fighting and trying get on board.

- Most bridges going to the Bakalay, Phyarphon, Kyailat are not strong enough to bear heavy load. Buses are crossing empty and passengers must walk across the bridge.

- Spoke to ppl from MM Rice Federation and they have warehouses in the other areas as well so we can take the bags from the nearest warehouse and transport to the affected areas.
The most affested area are
Irrawady State: Heain Gyi Island, Letputta, Bokalay, Amar, Maw La Myaine Island
Yangon State: Dala, Konkyan Island, Kawmhuu, Khayan, Dawphon, S-Dagon, N-Dagon, Shwepyitar, Hlaing Tharyar

-We are also focusing on Haling thar yar as many ppl from affected delta region came to these camps. There are more than 30 camp sites and holding approx 3000 families.

- Communication within the city is really bad. Hard to mobolize

Correction 1 - Yesterday I posted 50 bags of rice going with "Doctors without border group" it is with Save the Children group.

Correction 2 - Today Save the Children said since they have to do their own reporting they cannot mix our bags with their 1000 bags. I am trying really hard not to put any commnets here.

I will email you all very soon.


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