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Monday, May 19, 2008

MOEGYO Humanitarian Foundation (MHF)

Dear all,

To date, we have received $24,539 in donations, and all our expenses and activities have been documented to make us transparent. To help the victims more effectively and to make us more accountable to our donors, the MOEGYO team has been registered as a not-for-profit organization called "MOEGYO Humanitarian Foundation" in the New York state as of 15th May 2008.

The MOEGYO Humanitarian Foundation pledges to provide relief and assistance to the victims of the disaster in the most effective and efficient way. We are a donor-supported humanitarian organization, and your donations will help us rebuild and improve lives of the people in Myanmar and bring hope to many people whose lives have been shattered.

To donate to MOEGYO, please make check payable to:

MOEGYO Humanitarian Foundation

85-22 60th Road
Middle Village, NY 11379


We would like to thank our donors, volunteers and advisers around the world because we would not have been able to provide this much needed assistance to the victims in Myanmar without your help. We are touched by the support and kindness which made us stronger to help those who lost their loved ones, homes and livelihood because of the Cyclone Nargis.

Thank you.

The MOEGYO team

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