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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6th: What we got so far - supplies

NL is flying tomorrow morning and I will be here in BKK. So far one of 3 mobile phones are working. Please try to call him to get the latest news as he may not be able to reach any of us.

12,000 Water purification tablets - Done.
20,000 tablets of Tylenol
600 packets ORS powder
300 3 in 1 packets of Oat Meal
150 3 in 1 packets of Milo
390 3 in 1 packets of Ovatine

The last 3 items total is only about US $95, I bought it since alot of ppl in Myanmar like to drink these when they are not well. We may have one of our friend going to Yangon this weekend and he is willing to take the things for us. I am going to bed now, I will talk to you all very soon.

NA, attached, purification tablets for translation. The one we have is first table, first line 1litre = 1 tablets and 10 mins


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