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Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 8th update: Going to the delta region

  • We now have contact with someone from Bogalay. Most ppl got hurt or die because of falling coconut trees and hypothermia. They received 350 tents and most ppl are living under these tents. They need food and medicine. Some of them are cold and sick.
  • There are two goups going to delta region this morning, one is from Save the Children Fund and the other is just a private goup. We will join with one of them.
  • The rice federation has a warehouse in Hlaing Thar Yar and they will store the 100- 150 bags for us there. We can go pick it up whenever we need and if we need more they will give us too.
  • Met with a contact for distributing pills last night and they will give it to some ppl who are going to that afftected region. Not sure if he already gave it to them or if so how many.

More to come.

From Myanmar

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