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Saturday, May 24, 2008

May 23rd 2008: Report from the field - Group3-ODG

We were in Pathein yesterday (May 22 2008). We estimated that there were about 3955 displaced people (750 families), who had come from Latputtar & NgaPuTaw areas. Situation is improving. Food, clothes and shelters are available. Becoz, donor from Pathein, is providing food to the people everyday. But around May 25, they would like to return to their home villages. They are now living at the State schools. And the State school will reopen in coming June. They will need money to go back to school. They have blankets but they need cooking aluminum pans, plates, mosquito nets & Tarpaulin (water proof).

Currently, we are trying to contact MyanngMya by calling the local organizers and we have not been able to reach anybody yet. However, a friend of us who had returned from MyaungMya last Monday told us that food and shelters are available, but health care is needed. The displaced people will have to go back to their home/villages and they will need cooking pot and pans, plates, mosquito nets and Tarpaulin (water proof).

Some villages around DayDaYal that are accessible by car are frequently visited by the donors and they have no major problems at this point. But there are families from Taw Kykaung and Tike Kyaung areas that have been displaced and sheltering at DayDaYal area. They will like to go back to their home/villages. But there are still a lot of problems and it is very difficult to go back to Tike Kyaung. We estimated that there are 45 families. Officials gave them one 52' length tarpaulin but they needed more. They need blanket, aluminum pans, plates, mosquito nets and tarpaulin and these are the best to donate at Tike Kyaung. In addition, we estimated that there are about 86 families from Kyone Bote area sheltering in DayDaYal area. They are also facing the same problems like others.

Orphanages School:
Yesterday (May 22), in Pathein we heard that there were 21 orphans at one of the refuge camp. We heard that the officials are taking care of the orphans and planning to establish a permanent place for the orphans. We will go to LatPutTar and report to you in details on this development. One of our organizers lives in LatputTar and we plan to give you the details soon.

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