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Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 8th another update: not a very good day

  • Not a very good day. Not able to go to delta region as all the transport is extremely difficult and dangerous. According to some locals two ferry boats sank today due to over load with ppl.
  • Received 150 rice bags around 1 p.m. and store it at the warehouse.
    Send 50 bags to delta region thru dotors wihout border group. They are sending 1,000 bags of their own.
  • Went to Hlaing Thar Yat Tsp where 3000 families are living in a shelter. They are desperate food and water. We are going there tomorrow to distribute rice, medicine, water tablets.
  • Went to the Restaurant - they can only do K1500 for each lunch box.
  • Most of the day he is in the outskrit area of Yangon so he is not able to write any email or send pictures.

From Myanmar

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