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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Part 1 of 2 : Report from the Field (May 15 – 17 2008)

Hi All,

Just want to share a quick summary of the trip.15 May: I was able to take about 150kgs (330.7lbs). No overweight charges, thanks to Myanmar Airways International. Flight delay and arrived late evening in YGN.

16 May:


We managed to meet with different groups (volunteers groups, business groups and local groups) to find different channels to distribute our food/supplies.

All of them, obviously, have different ways/channels of distributing supplies. Since they are all big, we may need to go along with them within the region to reach our food/supplies to reach to the hands of people who need help/assistance. We can go along with them on their trips and donate directly to the people. For example, one PSO gave me information on when and where they are going and we can go along with them and donate to the people. (He called me from a boat and said they would wait us somewhere in Twante if we want to go with them.) All we need to do is to give them one day in advance of the information about how much/what we are donating and to where we are going donate/distribute our donations (food/supplies).

Just to give you an idea and it applies to other two channels as well, I assume. So, let's have your views on this.


SNA’s group picked-up the supplies for the next day.

17 May:

PT and HHA arrived YGN. Customs randomly checked boxes and asked for the contents.

- Met with UKK (Local Soccer Club) MOEGYO supported 500,000 kyats to buy rice. They will go to: Oh Bo Village, DeDaye.

- Met with Myanmar-Burma Emergency Aid Network through friends from Manila (who donated apprx. $2,500 to MOEGYO). Relatively large group. MOEGYO supported 1,000,000 kyats to buy blankets to some villages in DeDaye. Details will be provided later.

Let me stop here for now.


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