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Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5th: What should we do?

We have not been able to contact anyone in Yangon for 3 days and without inside info it is very difficult to assess the situation.

But I am sure the after match of the cyclone disaster will only get bigger as people go more desperate.

  • I think medicine, food and clean water will be most useful. I have to talk to some people to see what will be the most cost efficient way to send food and medicine.
  • Water --- Most people in Yangon are equipped with wells but since there is no electricity so they can't pull up the water . If we can give small generator then we can can set up a water supply station for most people and this will be the most cost effient and most productive way. I have to find out the cost and people to help us.
  • I don't think we need tents as most monastries can provide shelter to people.
Please send me your ideas too as I am so fruststraed I can't even think straight.


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