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Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5th: Let's start

To summarize, we can start with these:

- Purification tablets tablets (I think it is the best idea and most cost effective because water is already there, it is not just usable/drinkable.)
- As PT mentioned, we can help getting water from the existing wells. I assume some people already have generators, but running those generators is a big a problem because gas is costly. We can already start with the funds we have for gas. Heard gas is $10 a gallon there now. We can start small. I think people need to drink, they won't last without water. We can adjust if it doesn't work.

- Some of us suggested preserve food, ready made, high energy bars, etc.
- Deliver in monasteries first?

I don't think we have much time. We can start with what we have. We have $2500 in hand to start with. We will continue to raise some funds.
We will make mistakes but we will learn and adjust. Time is critical that we need to act fast, not much time to think.


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